About the Author

Sagar Rathod is a remarkable young man with an unquenchable
thirst for knowledge and success. He is a Black belt in Karate
and uses this focus and discipline in his everyday life. He is a driven
individual, who from a very young age has built a number of
products including custom-built computers and a drone. Sagar has
also designed, developed and installed IT systems for various
businesses. He has also participated in hosting international
events that are webcasted all around the world.
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About the Book

247 Runtime is a concept where you can set up
a system so that your business can virtually run all
of the time, night and day. This book will advise
you on how your business can maximise its profits,
save money and change your working practices to
increase productivity.
This book will explain and illustrate to you what is
already available on the market and with little or
no expense, you will be able to become more
efficient in the way that you run your business;
achieve a higher level of sales; provide more efficient
reliable services; create a better working environment
for your employees; maintain excellent customer service
standards; but above all, give you the knowledge and
peace of mind that you are a modern business owner
making the most of our fascinating technological world.

Save Money

Get rid of unnecessary expenditures

Save Energy

Reduce utility bills and ensure peace of mind

Save Time

Work more on your business instead of fixing problems


Michael Burgess

CEO - Waterfront Sports & Education Academy

I've known Sagar since 2008 when he was 11 years old. He came with his sister and his
ambition at that time was to lose some weight. Sagar was quite shy to begin with but
once he attended a few sessions, he came out of his shell. He joined us as a volunteer.
In a very short time he demonstrated a natural aptitude for IT systems.
Sagar developed a portal as a project when he was 17. The portal is still regarded by a
number of external businesses as an innovative masterpiece. Sagar has set up
Waterfront’s security to a level which doesn’t even exist in schools and colleges. Sagar
managed to save Waterfront over £14,000 just by implementing this one system. He has
also created Waterfront’s wifi network (public and staff) and implemented a PBX
telephone system.
Sagar has been an invaluable resource to Waterfront and myself personally. I would
recommend Sagar to anyone who requires a specialist who is capable of developing,
designing and implementation of IT infrastructure.